King David- dimension of kingship, the king of mental states

King David, according to the wisdom of the Kabbalah, is the dimension of kingship, the world of action.

The world of action is the place where the person’s soul experiences the most complex situation.

In his life, King David persevered through very complex mental states, and experienced almost everything a man can experience in his life, for the better and for the worst- the complex relationship with his brothers, being brought to Saul’s palace to play the harp, battling Goliath as a teen, Saul’s persecutions, his rise to kingship, the story of Bathsheba, Absalom’s revolt and more.

From this we can learn that the dimension of kinghood, which king David represents, isn’t always a simple place for a man’s soul, but it is the place where a man gets the most life experience, from experiences of all types and colors.

Those immense and complex life experiences and the holy spirit are the reason king David wrote the book of psalms, a book where king David exposes all the possible mental states a man can go through and feel towards the creator.

This book talks about all the feelings in the spectrum of possible feelings, and that’s the reason many people all over the world are attached to this book and king David’s incredible writing style.

In the last chapter of the book of psalms, chapter 150, king David writes about one of the most uplifting mental states a man can feel, the feeling of praising the lord with all our soul and our strength.

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