Edit King David – Founder Of Jewish Music

The roots of Jewish music was found from the first Levi’s choir that King David built 3000 years ago in ancient Jerusalem.

King David had clear musical tendency, he was a violin player that had a name of “Israel Pleasant songs”.

There is a hypothesis about King David that says, when he was a teenager, he used to see his father’s sheep in Beit Lechem and practice his violin playing and singing in long seclusion there.

Other hypothesis says, that he was given a gift from god and through his playing the violin, he was appreciating and giving back his gift to god by thanking him through it.

King David was the first person ever to practice musical therapy and was called by King Saul to play in front of him, while an evil spirit was laying down on King Saul.

A quoting from the bible:

Samuel A chapter 16 , verse 23:

“And there was God’s spirit to Saul, and took David’s violin and played his hand and the spirit to ask and good for him and removed the evil spirit.”

From these phantoms we understand how much music and melodies affect the human soul in order to cure it.

By means, of the musical formula of the divine King David’s music, the evil spirit was removed above Saul and caused him to heal his mind while playing.

The same musical formulas created by King David decided to pass on to the first band of Levie’s he had set up at the time.

In the singing of the Psalm “Hallelujah”(psalm 150) that finishes the book of Psalms, is given the option for each person to connect to the sense of musical character, which is in a meter.

The text talks about all our souls that needs to praise the lord with all our beings.

That is, every breath we take, we need to feel the creator’s light inside of us.

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